Gullon Mini Fish Crackers 350g

Gullon mini fish crackers are fish shaped snacks. These mini fish crackers UK can be a perfect kitchen cupboard partner. A perfect snack for a fun time which comes in an airtight container. Their delicious flavour and taste can lift your mood up anytime. You can serve these mini fish crackers to people of any age as a yummy snack.

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Gullon Mini Fish Crackers

Gullon Mini Fish Crackers are the most loved and fish-shaped crackers in the UK. These fish crackers are delectable and come in an amazing taste. Children and even adults also love them. These are vegetarian cookies with whole grain and fibre. If you want to switch on to a healthy and tasty snack, this is the one. Gullon mini fish crackers contains eggs, gluten, and a little bit of sugar to enhance the taste. These crunchy cookies are a healthier option for small breaks and fun times. Switch to these cookies and say goodbye to cookies that contain harmful ingredients.


Gullon Mini Fish Crackers 350g

Fish Shaped Mini Savoury Biscuits

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