Mokate Coffee Whitener 400g

Mokate Coffee Whitener is to sometimes replace your black coffee. It only contains 11% fat, which is low as compared to milk. With Mokate Coffee Whitener, you can have a delectable cup of coffee even on a diet in the morning. Make refreshing coffee for you and your loved ones. It contains milk and gluten for people who are allergic.

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Mokate Coffee Whitener is a daily whitener to make your coffee more creamy and tasty. Black coffee is good but this is a delicious replacement for black coffee. It only contains 11% of fat, which is very less as compared to milk. It gives a rich taste to your coffee and creamy froth. Enhance the taste of your daily coffee while maintaining a healthy and low fat diet. This Mokate Coffee Whitener is suitable for both hot and cold coffee. Apart from coffee, you can also use it for making tea, chocolate drinks, and other detectable refreshing drinks at home.

Mokate Coffee Whitener.

Coffee and Tea Whitener in Powder.

Allergy advice: Contains milk, soya and gluten.

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